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Hello again LITplease members (and HugQueen's watchers)!

It's been over a month since LITplease announced our plan to revitalize and we've run into a snag! There are only a few administrators so getting things started is a bit difficult and that's where you come in!

We're looking for active, enthusiastic, and dedicated deviants to help bring this group back to life!

:bulletyellow: The core tasks of an admin would include voting on gallery submissions, working on or helping with our various projects and events, helping the team come up with new ideas, and assisting with said new ideas. :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow:  You don't have to be an existing member of the group. (It's easy to join though because all you click is "Join Group", so you should do that anyways!)

:bulletyellow: Please send HugQueen a note with the title "LITplease Application".

:bulletyellow: Please mention the following things in your note:

Are you on regularly?
How involved are you in the DA literature community?
Do you have any prior group experience?
What could you bring to our admin team?
You may include a little snippet about yourself if you'd like!

To bring at least one of my own stories to life in the form of a 3D Film. Well, a film made in a 3D environment. However, I will need help. Voice acting, help with directing, etc. Also, which one of my stories would be the best to do a film on? The last thing I want to do is to get myself and other people to put all this heart and soul into this film project, and only get a few dozen views in a year's time. I want to have a masterpiece.

If my Hannah and Armin stories have potential for film, please try to get someone familiar with Source Film Maker (The software I plan to utilize to make the film(s)) to make models for: Hannah the Usul, Arnin the Bori, Colin and Marisa (Armin's parents), Kanrik the Gelert ( as well as The Thieves Guild members. Their names aren't all that important. Just generic Neopets in thieves clothing with basic weaponry. Just massive in numbers.), Colin the Kyrii, and Bill the Shoyru. (I'll change his species name to the correct one if I goofed up.). The first four are the primarily important ones. The rest are also important, but, Kanrik, for example, will be basically under suspicious eyes as far as Hannah and Armin go.

Is this a good ambition, or, am I just way over myself? I want to do this, as I feel it can provide me a new fashion to bring my ideas to life.
Okay, so maybe not forever, but it's been about two years since we posted anything group-related. xMotherMoonx has transferred leadership of the group to myself, so I am your new founder! If you're not familiar with me my name is Stephany and I ran the Community Portal here at LITplease. I am currently a Literature Community Volunteer, help out in a few other groups, and have been consistently posting a weekly news article that lists Literature related things! Okay enough about me. Time for what is up!

All submissions are temporarily closed for the time being.

This is so we can arrange and organize everything, as it is kind of messy at the moment. Submissions will be open when we've restructured our gallery, so fear not! ♥

I'd also love to hear from our members (if anyone is even listening :P) about what you'd like to see from the group. Here are some questions you can answer if you're unsure:

  • Should we bring back our prompts? Community Portal? The Favorites Project? Our chatroom?
  • Are you still interested in giving and getting critiques?
  • What do you think about the group's current rules?
  • New projects(like interviews, WriMo stuff, DD features) Contests? Workshops? What kind of those things are you interested in specifically?

As always we wish you well and hope you'll stick around as we go through this revitalization! :heart:
... Tumblr. Yes, I am now free of Tumblr. I am now capable of using DeviantART without having to worry about a website I don't even use.

I want to celebrate! Any suggestions?

The best suggestion will earn:

:bulletred: A Feature from me on as many Deviations of your choice,


:bulletyellow: Your very own character in upcoming stories! And, yes, your character can also have a Guest Star role!,


:bulletgreen: Comments on Deviations of your choice.


:bulletblue: A FREE Journal Skin! Even the really, really pricey ones!

You can select a combination of two from above, if you wish.

All other participants will be entitled to having a Feature, or a Comment on one Deviation of their choice, from me, as a token of my gratitude for your participation.

The contest ends on: February 7th, 2015.

The contest ended on: February 7th, 2015, at: 2:00 PM. Thank you to everyone for their entries!


Community Portal


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Critiquing and Miscellaneous Resources

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Publishing Resources

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Divertir Publishing is an independent publisher and they also publish short story collections. Check out their dA: DivertirPublishing
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Harmless [Magazine]
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Asymptote Journal

2013 Past Spotlights


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Projects / Other

SadisticIceCream's Publishing Resources List

Literature Groups

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Open Group Administrative Positions

:new: Moderators are needed in the group, FantasyAuthorsGuild

Some admins are wanted to help out at Adopt-A-Writer.

2 Affiliates/PR Admins, 2 Pay It Forward Admins, and 4 Critics are open at lacoterie.

Literature Community Relations

:iconbeccajs: BeccaJS - Beccalicious' DD Suggestion Guidelines
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Literature CR Update - July 2013
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Literature Forum
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:new:Monthly Literature Critique Thread: July

:note: If you'd like to have something added/mentioned in this journal or the article please comment or send me a note!

:heart: IrrevocableFate

About Love dA Lit

The Community Portal will be housing all the resources previously found on Love dA Lit! I'll only be mentioning any new resources and a few other categories in the article. The full list will be posted every week with the Community Portal. :eager:

Love dA Lit is published every Sunday, by IrrevocableFate via news article, and the Community Portal will be updated in accompaniment with it!

Love dA Lit aims to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests, and spotlighting a specific group every week. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

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