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April 4, 2010


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100 Themes Challenge

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 4, 2010, 7:31 AM

1st Challenge: Old Cliches Made New!

All the details, including the 100 themes, are available in the Old Cliches Made New Gallery!

:new: The first round of featured entries have been posted! Click the link above to the Old Cliches Made New Gallery to see the entries. Special recognition goes out to Tanashai who has not only participated in the most prompts but has also knocked out the competition in those categories where competition existed. Great job! Keep it up!

How Does The Challenge Work?

As this feature is new to LITplease, there will be some trial and error. Ideally, we'd like each of the 100 folders to be a mini challenge of their own. So, for example, every month or so depending on the number of submissions, one entry from each category will be chosen as the best. The submission crowned the first month may remain the reigning entry for subsequent months so long as no new entries have been submitted to edge it out.

Entries will be judged on originality and mechanics first (as this will determine if your entry is even accepted), then on creativity, style, and overall impact to determine the winner. The top entry from each category will be featured in that theme's main gallery. That means, if all prompts have been submitted to, there should be 100 deviations featured in the main gallery, with all other entries only found under the subfolders. This is great exposure for you, especially if you prove to be the best submitter for multiple categories!


Entries will be DECLINED if:

1. You have not followed LITplease's Submission Rules.
2. You do not submit your entry to the correct folder. Make sure you've put the number and name of the prompt in your deviation's comments so we know for which folder it was intended.
3. Your submission has glaring technical errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc.). Make sure you edit your work before submitting.
4. Your submission does not use the cliche in a way that is unique and interesting.

Please note you may only submit 1 entry per folder, and that you may only submit your entry once per month. That means if you fail to follow the rules and your entry is declined, you will have to wait a whole month before you can attempt to resubmit to that folder. This is good in that it controls the quantity of entries coming into watchers inboxes, because it means the quality of entries will be stronger, and it gives you a whole month to fix whatever the problem was.

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QyJx Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Student Writer
The link to the "old cliches made new gallery" doesn't work. :(
ATrue Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
Thanks! It's been fixed.
Wolfenlied Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
(I couldn't resist)

Definitely something to spark up the creative pen this year. :)

Bit confusing as this looks like repost of previous journal.
Is all the information still pertinent?
ATrue Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
Wolfenlied Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:) Awesome.
Tanashai Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Professional Writer
:blush: They're just so fun to do! lol ^^.
Wytewulf Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Is there a word limit for entries? Because mine is at a little over 3,400 words already and it'll probably reach 4,000 by the time it's done...:cough:
ATrue Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
No, there isn't.
Wytewulf Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Student General Artist
:phew: Great. Thanks.
SilverInkblot Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
How is this from 2010? o_O
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