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[ATTN] 19th Poetry Prompt - A Recipe of Words 1

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 6:21 AM

:new:Poetry Prompt Admin's Corner

I'll give a few more days for this.
Go rack your brains up poets! :D

I'm always open for your feedback. Message me: richmond-c. :D

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About the Prompts

The prompts are here for your inspiration and are intended to encourage you to write something new. There are always a variety of prompts to choose from, either current poetry, fiction, and nonfiction prompts or archived ones. Every month, the prompt admin who posted the currrent topic chooses one entry to feature, earning you a spot in our exclusive Featured Gallery!

We only have a few submission rules, but we are strict about following them. Please read the following rules before you proceed:

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Current Prompt

:new:POETRY #19: A Recipe of Words 1

Here are the mechanics for this month's prompts:

1. Poems should have at least one element of a fixed form. Like you can either have a certain rhyme scheme or follow meter pattern or both.
2. Poems should have 4 to 6 stanzas.
3. In writing your poem, the following words should be used and should only appear once. No alterations of words should be done - they should be used exactly as they appear below. For example, if one of the words is angel, then angel should be used - not angels, not angelic.

:bulletwhite: angel
:bulletwhite: heart
:bulletwhite: vivid
:bulletwhite: coffee
:bulletwhite: peace
:bulletwhite: leaves
:bulletwhite: soda
:bulletwhite: comet
:bulletwhite: linger
:bulletwhite: fingers

4. If one of the words mentioned above did not appear in your poem, entry will not be accepted.

Deadline of submissions is on the 11th of November. The featured piece will be chosen from 12th to 14th. A new prompt will also be posted in the said period.

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Lucy-Merriman Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
It's hard to change the poem so the word only appears once. Isn't repetition a part of poetry? I guess that's why it's called a challenge.
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October 14, 2012


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