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Open Admin Positions!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 6:56 PM

About LITPlease

#LITplease is an almalgamation of two of the longest standing literature groups on dA: PoetryPlease and ProsePlease. So, while the LITplease account is only a few years old, the group itself has been around forever!

The Founder, `ATrue was in charge of PoetryPlease since 2006 and ProsePlease since 2008. Recently, she passed on the torch to the newest founder, xMotherMoonx. Several of the staff members, particularly ones that work with The Favorites Project, have been around nearly as long, and many staff members have left and come back, which just goes to show how dedicated our staff can be. All staff members are treated fairly, are given opportunities to take initiative and try new projects, and their input into the group is always valued.

A Friendly Hello from your New Founder!

Hello everyone, xMotherMoonx here. :wave: I hope your holiday season is getting off to a wonderful start! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and got oodles and oodles of candy and spent the time just enjoying yourselves.

I'm writing this journal to let you guys know we have open admin positions for LITPlease now! Interested in becoming an admin for LITPlease? Be continue reading the following information to find out what position suits you the best!

Your Current Staff Members

Many of our staff overlap into other areas of the group, performing multiple tasks, but this is the gist of it:


:iconrichmond-c: :iconexarobibliologist:

:iconangelstained: :icona-rose-in-misery: :iconangelofgod87: :iconinsomaniac55: :iconladyofgaerdon: :iconawholelotofflowers: :iconraneva: :iconofonesoul: :iconagmeade:

:iconvampirevampire: :iconexarobibliologist: Deviant Needed by ATrue Deviant Needed by ATrue

:iconhugqueen: :iconxmothermoonx: :iconevlydia: :iconfaded2indie: Deviant Needed by ATrue Deviant Needed by ATrue

How To Apply

LITplease does not have an application form for you to fill out. Simply note us with the job title in the subject line and a brief description in the body of why you're interested in the role and why you think it's the right fit for you. We'll take it from there! Depending on the job to which you're applying, we may look at your faves, or your critiques, or other recent activities you've been involved in. Certain positions may require you to put something specific in your note to us, in which case it will be noted below in the open positions section under the "requirements" part of the job description.
NOTE: We prefer to hire active members. If you're interested in being on our staff, it's best to join and participate a little first.

Open Staff Positions

We need more TFP Appraisers to help with The Favorites Project. This is one of the easiest and least time consuming jobs available--all you have to do is enjoy reading! As deviants suggest literature to our faves, your job is to read the suggestions and either vote "yes" or "no" to feature them. A majority vote from all the Appraisers means that piece gets featured. We also expect that you'll suggest features as you find during your regular browsing of dA.
:bulletyellow: That you have a good eye for great literature.
:bulletyellow: That you can check messages at least once every two weeks (unless absence is planned).

:star: CRITICS
LITplease is currently overhauling its Critique Request system. Before we can relaunch, however, we need a strong staff of Critics in place. Your job would be exactly as it sounds: to critique literature, providing in-depth feedback to members who request it. Everybody you critique has requested it; there will be no unsolicited feedback.
:bulletyellow: Exceptional critiquing skills. Send links to at least three recent critiques you've written in your note to us.
:bulletyellow: That you can write approx three critiques per week.

Our Community Portal provides our members with links to events and activities outside LITplease in which they might like to participate. To keep this section running, we need Community Liasons to help gather information and find links to literature related activities both on an off dA. Your job would be to gather these links and forward them to the Community Portal Lead for integration into the blog.
:bulletyellow: No special requirements

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Submitted on
November 1, 2012