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Presenting the LITplease Favorites Project!

Quick Notes

Anyone can (and should) suggest any piece of quality lit! Scroll below for our guidelines and details.

Feature #168

Elysian AutumnThese are
ginkgo days;
and we,
away from
the sandals
of shepherds,
who trample;
myrtling victors
and wreathing
the walls of
sea-lucked caves,
and dew-bedecked,
nymphs make
and is it because
you are not
quite as
as me
that I
fear and despair?
chastity chaos
but never was
one so
it's simple
to love when
you're watching
the world with
such grace
from a place
in the
grass by
a lake far

Elysian Autumn by melodythelittlepony

....and is it because
you are not
quite as
as me
that I
fear and despair?....
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Suggested by: LadyofGaerdon
Featured by: 
LadyofGaerdon Vigilo 
xMotherMoonx  awholelotofflowers Raneva

Feature #169

Why we were not meant to touch
by crossing-ariel

....If I leaned close into your hair like a young thing
with her ear to a shell I might breathe in dangerously
and become your tide....
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Suggested by: LiliWrites
Featured by:
LadyofGaerdon Raneva
xMotherMoonx awholelotofflowers A-Rose-In-Misery

Feature #170

Spray Your Sins Away!It was a scene of utmost suspense, the cliché that often made its way into romantic comedies and commercials. Inside Dick's We-Carry-Every-Item-Imaginable-for-the-Filthy-Rich, two different people reached for the last can of Sins-B-Gone in cinematic slow motion. One hand was French-manicured and wore an ostentatious diamond ring (inscribed "Love forever, to my Richard"); the other had "Vermilion Vixen" nails and was likely to never wear such a wedding ring. Fingers from both hands closed in on the blue spray can like eager vultures, plucking it off the shelf in synch. Both ladies blinked in confusion before they realized the other was there.
"Sweetie, I believe I grabbed it first," said the Richard-loving woman.
"No dear," the Vixen replied, "I'm sure I did. I certainly need it more that you do."
The two women stared each other down without batting their fake eyelashes. It wasn't difficult for either—Botox injections did wonders to their blank facades. The first

Spray Your Sins Away
by Venry

...."I recommend 'Politician Strength'," the hockey mom whispered.
"I tried it when my husband got involved in that scandal last year and have used it exclusively ever since.
It's multi-purpose, since politicians get involved with everything.
It's just as effective as 'Wayward Priest', but with only a quarter of the bad press and lawsuits involved."....
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Suggested by: LiliWrites
Featured by:
LadyofGaerdon abigail
xMotherMoonx ATrue A-Rose-In-Misery

About TFP

The Favorites Project is dedicated to featuring a quality of literature to which other writers can aspire. TFP features worthy literature by way of a special panel of judges called Appraisers, who read and vote on all the suggestions sent in by members of the deviantART community. Our system is as democratic as possible for fairness sake: the Appraisers are instructed not to vote "yes" for a suggestion if they're not completely sure that it is a worthwhile piece of literature, and only a suggestion with at least five votes can be featured.

Quality Literature

In terms of what we consider "quality literature," we've outlined some points below with brief descriptions of what we mean, a list which is by no means inclusive. Each Appraiser uses their own discretion, but here are some of the qualities they are looking for:

1) Technique: Use of elements such as imagery, rhyme, and meter in poetry or dialogue and characterization in prose, for example, should represent the skill level at or above that of the writer. Proper use of spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected.
2) Relevance: The message of the piece should not be obscure or overly personal; it must be able to appeal to a wider audience. In other words, a page out of last night's journal will be too narrow in focus and perspective.
3) Innovation: Literature should be clear of cliches and over-exposed opinions. The writer should always choose a fresh perspective and not be afraid to make the reader think or challenge conventions.
4) Organization: The content should be organized in a way that is deliberate to the purpose and scope of the piece. There should be no wasted space that adds only length and no significance.
5) Clarity: A writer should express themselves in a way that does not confuse the reader. For example, using large words may make a person sound intelligent, but it may also lose the audience.
6) Creativity: Literature is nothing if not creative. Wow us!


Anyone can suggest a piece of literature at any time. We are always open to suggestions!

If you have a piece of literature sitting in your favorites that you'd like to see featured, go to our Gallery of Favorites and click "Suggest a Fave. From there you can select one or more faves from your own collection to suggest. We feature literature of any genre, style, or subject, so suggest anything you think is worthy and we'll take it from there. All we ask is that you don't suggest a piece that has already received a Daily Deviation or a Daily Lit Deviation (occasionally, we will favorite something shortly before it is featured). Also, The Favorites Project will only feature one piece per deviant author. :)


Want to know what poems were featured by TFP before it came home to #LITplease (and before we featured prose too)? Check out the archive!

crossing-ariel Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Thanks so much guys! :) Such an honor. :heart:

Congrats to the other features, as well.
LadyofGaerdon Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Professional Writer
You're most welcome. :)
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