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Presenting the LITplease Favorites Project!

Quick Notes

Anyone can (and should) suggest any piece of quality lit! Scroll below for our guidelines and details.

Feature #177

The Wood NymphThe sultry contemplation of his sun
deflects in angles bringing frosty chill,
and minty leaves within the breeze's stun
emits a cry, transition looms a thrill.
Emotion breaks, distilled in morning's dew
and icy tears bejew'l her hands in beads.
The rich aspar'gus frock has changed its hue
now hair of hanging orange peel supersedes.
Her rosewood lips foretaste his sweet caress
in dreams she dreams a season's love affair.
Her woodsy skin concealed in wedding's dress
of icy lace and snowy linen fair.
Though bitter, brisk, and bleak the season lingers,
the maiden treasures close her forest fingers.

The Wood Nymph by Dani-the-Naiad

...The rich aspar'gus frock has changed its hue
now hair of hanging orange peel supersedes....
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Suggested by: LadyofGaerdon
Featured by: 
LadyofGaerdon Raneva 
AngelofGod87  awholelotofflowers A-Rose-In-Misery

Feature #178

I am as autumnI am as autumn,
dropped barefoot into some fleeting role,
self-destructing in the sterile cold
while passersby note only
the colours,
their ephemeral beauty.
I was meant
as an actress, diaphanous and
bridging the small gap between
summer and
I was born to wither and
without blooming,
to sink and
without struggling.
obedient as a child,
I tried to die
in that space before snowfall,
that melancholy breach—
but there must be something in me
that is not yet dead,
that refuses to rot.
when the snow finally came,
I was stale and stagnant,
wretchedly vernal
when all else was newly
now, in the dim half-light before
springtime, I am thin
and fragile, waiting only for
another chance

I am as autumn
by toxic-nebulae

...obedient as a child,
I tried to die
in that space before snowfall,
that melancholy breach...
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Suggested by: LadyofGaerdon
Featured by:
LadyofGaerdon Raneva
insomaniac55 awholelotofflowers ATrue

Feature #179

White RoseSirens are singing through the storm
A white rose Blooms in a garden of thorns 
                 A Darkening Sky
                 A Hallowed Cry
                    Sirens are Singing 
                      But you never ask why                      
Emergency Lights flash in the cold
A Struggle that has long since grown too old
                 Silence Rushing In
                 Whispers in the Wind
                     The Darkness Seeping in
                        But you never ask why
        All of Her

White Rose
by ZeroSkyler

....Sirens are singing through the storm
A white rose Blooms in a garden of thorns
                A Darkening Sky
                A Hallowed Cry
                   Sirens are Singing
                     But you never ask why....
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Suggested by: LadyofGaerdon
Featured by:
LadyofGaerdon awholelotofflowers
forestmeetwildfire Raneva A-Rose-In-Misery

About TFP

The Favorites Project is dedicated to featuring a quality of literature to which other writers can aspire. TFP features worthy literature by way of a special panel of judges called Appraisers, who read and vote on all the suggestions sent in by members of the deviantART community. Our system is as democratic as possible for fairness sake: the Appraisers are instructed not to vote "yes" for a suggestion if they're not completely sure that it is a worthwhile piece of literature, and only a suggestion with at least five votes can be featured.

Quality Literature

In terms of what we consider "quality literature," we've outlined some points below with brief descriptions of what we mean, a list which is by no means inclusive. Each Appraiser uses their own discretion, but here are some of the qualities they are looking for:

1) Technique: Use of elements such as imagery, rhyme, and meter in poetry or dialogue and characterization in prose, for example, should represent the skill level at or above that of the writer. Proper use of spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected.
2) Relevance: The message of the piece should not be obscure or overly personal; it must be able to appeal to a wider audience. In other words, a page out of last night's journal will be too narrow in focus and perspective.
3) Innovation: Literature should be clear of cliches and over-exposed opinions. The writer should always choose a fresh perspective and not be afraid to make the reader think or challenge conventions.
4) Organization: The content should be organized in a way that is deliberate to the purpose and scope of the piece. There should be no wasted space that adds only length and no significance.
5) Clarity: A writer should express themselves in a way that does not confuse the reader. For example, using large words may make a person sound intelligent, but it may also lose the audience.
6) Creativity: Literature is nothing if not creative. Wow us!


Anyone can suggest a piece of literature at any time. We are always open to suggestions!

If you have a piece of literature sitting in your favorites that you'd like to see featured, go to our Gallery of Favorites and click "Suggest a Fave. From there you can select one or more faves from your own collection to suggest. We feature literature of any genre, style, or subject, so suggest anything you think is worthy and we'll take it from there. All we ask is that you don't suggest a piece that has already received a Daily Deviation or a Daily Lit Deviation (occasionally, we will favorite something shortly before it is featured). Also, The Favorites Project will only feature one piece per deviant author. :)


Want to know what poems were featured by TFP before it came home to #LITplease (and before we featured prose too)? Check out the archive!

Dani-the-Naiad Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:wow: Thank you so much!!! What a fantastic project. I am completely touched and flattered that one of my pieces was chosen for this feature. I would love more feedback too! :blowkiss:
LadyofGaerdon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional Writer
You're most welcome. :aww:
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